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Inflatable item changes pop songs, brilliant choreography and a funny story make for a movie, which owned. One of the most beautiful is a reef between boys and girls, a test of strength of the West side of Historia Estilo, played with fragments. Without music, the film, but the songs that are harmony and the processed, have painful, they produce an abundance of truancy. Are. I smiled in the first half of the film, and began when a minor character to laugh hysterically, which deviated from his stars. Kendrick is great to take on a role that might have slipped by the sarcastic and build into something particularly curious and touching. I loved this movie. It was a lot of fun. The data showed fun parts, I agree. But the film was better 10 X, then I thought it would be. Throughout the film, he would not do it. A film in the American Pie tone for ' Capellas. This film is a much-good girl looking college students crazy, large passenger vessels and freaks make a good sing. I write this review a little late, already released films for at least a few weeks, but took my wife to see me, what we missed a previous film, we see light finished skins. An impressive cast, great songs and great rates! I thought it was one of those movies where the funny parts were shown in the trailer, but has much more. She liked it!. I went with my 16 years and her friend! The music was great, and the end is perfect. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Yet, this had heard film before you go. So? not really what I expected I knew you'd sing some inside, so I thought it would be a bit like the series glee. I went. Funny movies. Be, if it is priceless. Probably not, but we have fun, because each of us makes pitch perfect magic ringtone in the theatre. And I don't think that the comments, with joy-it compared much more. I swear that there was not a moment longer than 5 minutes where someone laughing! It was commercial. Good, but the film was like a slap in the face! If you don't see it. Make the perfect evening with Fandango movie tickets. Find a program, movies, movie trailers, read reviews and film tickets in advance to buy,. .